Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nail color that doesn't chip?

So, I'm a little late to the shellac nail trend but early last week after one of the days Lana came to work with me we decided to get manicures and try it out. If you haven't heard of it before shellac is supposed to be a long lasting nail color that resists chips for up to two weeks.

Here are my impressions:

It definitely does what it says. We got our nails done Tuesday of last week and it's now only a few hours from being Friday of this week and I still have no chips.

While I don't have chips I do have some tiny bubbles at the base of my nails. If I were apt to pick at my nails I could definitely peel the color off. Which Lana has done on two of her nails.

I got a pale pink color but Lana got a more dark hot pink color. What we both got was a gel like nail. The colors don't seem to apply opaquely which is kind of a bummer.

This stuff dries immediately. I pretty much can't do my nails at home because I get so bored and anxious I always decide they're dry before they are and then mess them up. Even in the salon I get all leg bounce-y and have a hard time sitting still. With this as soon as they're done painting you're done. I'm a huge fan of that aspect of things.

Since this is a fairly new thing the colors salons carry are all sort of boring pink and red shades. I usually bring my own colors with a preference for Butter London colors, weird without being too out there, but buying a bottle of shellac polish runs about $20-$30 which is more than even Chanel charges for a bottle of polish and what I use as my limit.

So, here's the day after they were done...

and tonight...

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  1. I don't think I could commit to a nail polish for 2 weeks. But my polish always chips really easily unless I use an acrylic top coat.