Friday, February 4, 2011

Guess who's having her birthday in (basically) a tree fort...


It's a long way off (July) but here in the Pacific Northwest if you want a cabin or beach rental in the summer you better arrange it in the winter.

It's owned by this adorable Southern woman who lives in Georgia and has an accent and on her outgoing voicemail at work she's says "God bless." Also her name is LuAnne and she told me this story I couldn't really understand about her niece but I pretty much loved all of it. I want to adopt this lady.

She and her best friend found this house while on vacation, it was about to be torn down, and they bought it and spent years restoring it. They did most of it themselves and learned how to use something like 30 different kinds of saws. There's a firepit, a TV and DVD player so we can be cozy and watch movies at night, a BBQ, it's on an island, wifi so none of us actually have to be disconnected from the real world, and a waffle maker.

It's also the peak of salmon season which means a couple things. First, this cabin is listed at a ridiculously low rate. I was expecting to pay about three times what it costs, but since I guess the fishing is really good at the time of year I wanted the cabin LuAnne said she knew she could rent it for a week and was hesitant to do the four days I wanted. So I bargained with a Southern woman today. Which was actually really easy. I offered her about the price of an extra day for the four I originally wanted and she said "Done."

But this salmon season thing also means maybe we could catch a fish! I mean, I don't have a fishing pole or know how to cut up a fish or really anything about fishing but I am still envisioning these summer days filled with grilling fresh caught salmon marinated in fresh ginger, brown sugar, teriyaki sauce, and beer. And it will come off the grill all perfect and glazed and sweet and it will pretty much be the best birthday ever.

Also I'm moving to the woods.

Just kidding.


Do you think Javi would get along with deer?

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do with that cool old stove! That place is incredible. It looks like it needs a good game of sardines and some smores.