Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indoor Camping

Javi and I have spent pretty much the entire weekend in bed. We've taken brief breaks to eat cereal and watch Ratatouille but mostly it's been a lot of books, magazines, phone, naps, and snuggling in bed. One of his favorite things is when I make him a tent in our bed. Sometimes it happens by accident when I have one leg crossed over the other under the blankets but other times I will purposely make him a tent by lifting up the blankets. I usually just let him sit under there and tickle my feet but this morning I decided to join him.

Also, I know his eyes are closed in pretty much every picture of him but that's for two reasons. 1. I like taking pictures of him while he's sleeping and 2. because he's so dark unless I use flash he pretty much just looks like a black blob in photos. So he actually can and does see he has just learned to close his eyes when I take his picture.

And yes, he is a little bit dusty. I don't know why he always has fuzz on him. I should probably lint brush him.

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