Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little Sparkle and Shine

I haven't worn eyeshadow for awhile. I always get tired of the way it changes color through the day and having to use primer to keep it from creasing. As much as I love products I don't actually like needing to take a lot of time to use them. I've just never been a sit down for twenty minutes and put on makeup kind of girl. Before I went to Seattle I needed to pick up a few of those makeup essentials, foundations, concealer, etc. There was this older woman who walked up right after me and seemed to be in one of those old lady hurries that they get in even though they don't really have anywhere to be. So I told the salesgirl she could go ahead and help this other woman first. Which ended up taking fooooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvveeeeerrrrr (I hope you're picturing Sandlot right now). While I was waiting for my turn I got to playing in all the makeup and decided I wanted to wear eyeshadow again. I tried on a few and fell in love with a "Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadow" by Bobbi Brown in Goldstone. But, it was all sold out. Lovely Sarah at Nordstrom offered to call me when it came in and hold it for me which I'm thankful for because their second shipment sold out in the two days it took me to go pick mine up. Anyways, it's gorgeous and has primer built into it so it seriously doesn't crease or change color at all during the day.

I'm also one of those low maintenance makeup girls who loves the idea of lipstick but isn't so keen on it in reality. Mostly because I spend the entire day wondering if it needs to be touched up or if I have it on my teeth or if I'm going to look like that crazy aunt who leaves lipstick on everything every time I take a drink. I like more "don't need a mirror" kinds of lipcolor. Bobbi makes these tinted lip balms and I found an awesome one that looks like I'm wearing lipstick but that I can totally put on in the car without looking. Mine's Pink Raspberry.

It should probably be noted that that gold shadow can be layered or put on more sheer. I tend to wear it in a day appropriate manner.

Also those gold rings are Lana and my friendship rings and I'm feeling like a three year old who has been fed pixie sticks, handed a puppy, and told we're going to Disneyland because she comes back from vacation today!


  1. At first glance, I though that was a photo of some new, fancy, uh... toys. I'm evil - I'm sorry. =)

    (Love the gold - so pretty!)

  2. Love gold eyeshadow. On the mornings I actually wear shadow that's the colour I go for. Urbay Decay makes a gold primer thats totally awesome and doesn't crease.

  3. Natalie, you have way more of an imagination than I do. I've been staring at those photos trying to figure out how you were seeing what you were.

    Urban, I know! I like that stuff but this is super sparkly. If you can go somewhere and have them make a sample of it. The Bobbi girl did that for me since they were out when I wanted it and I actually have only opened the real one for those photos. I'm still using the sample and that was like two or three weeks ago.