Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Best Guy Ever

I'll be honest, the puppy is a lot more fun than the cat. He wants to play and he gets excited to see me and follows me around and has adorable expressions and is so playful then just crashes in my lap. I can take him places and he likes treats and can be accessorized...he's just fun. Cat Face is more of a strong silent type. But Javier is also my first very own pet and so special to me. And I feel so proud of him for being such a good sport in regards to our new addition. Yesterday was Tiger's first day at daycare and it wiped him out. In the evening he was asleep in my lap and Javi was laying next to me sleeping as well and we got to spend a little time together uninterrupted by Crazy Face. Then at bedtime the pets snuggled up together.

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