Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Par-tay!

When I was 21 my Friday nights were most often spent taking shots of vodka and dancing until the clubs closed followed by greasy food at wherever was open. There were boys, ridiculous boys, and nights spent coming home to sleep and gossip with my best friend in her bed and so many great stories. Sometimes I feel old and lame that that isn't my life anymore. But then, other times, I'm cuddled up with a puppy, watching ABC Family, and eating a sandwich for dinner and right when I probably should be feeling totally lame I instead am thinking how much I love that this is my life. And how happy I am that rather than watching drunk people dance I get to watch this tiny baby furball try to figure out which part of my crossed legs is the best for laying down his head.

Except I'll still totally go watch drunk people dance if anyone wants to.


  1. That sounds like a great night to me. I used to bartend at a really popular bar, and I remember every Saturday just wishing that i was home watching SNL and eating ice cream.