Wednesday, June 15, 2011

They Grow Up So Fast

Puppykins goes to daycare during the day now. He loves it and gets so much energy out that he's just a sweet little muffin in the evenings. After he wrestles with Javier for a good half hour that is.

One of my favorite things about his daycare is that they have built in "nanny cams." I can peek in on him while I'm at work and see how he's doing and what he's doing and who he's playing with. Here are some of my spying moments...

He's the tiny one.

The quality isn't great I know but it's the content that matters. And even if it is a little blurry I can definitely tell Little Man is holding his own. I actually have to be careful not to laugh at him while at work because sometimes I check in and all the other dogs are laying down while he bounces around looking for someone to play with.

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