Thursday, June 2, 2011

BFFs 4eva!

So, apparently the universe is totally shining down on me because new puppy and Javier are in love with each other. Bro love but still. They are excited to see each other when Tiger comes home from being out with me, Javier gets concerned when Tiger has to be baby gated in the bathroom when I leave, they sleep together, Javi cleans Tiger's ears...and they even wrestle. Which sort of looks like they're fighting but no one is yelping or hissing or meowing or howling or even trying to get away from the other. And no one has suffered any injuries so I'm pretty sure it's a totally playful thing. The best part of which is, they totally wear each other out. Check out the cuteness...and ignore the fact that my bed now belongs to the pets.

Apparently Tiger doesn't mind Javi sleeping on top of him either...


  1. OMG that is like a pet miracle!

  2. I was hoping that would happen. Our dog and cat are total besties and they wrestle all the time. Cutest thing ever.