Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Photos!

I've been trying to not make this blog all about Tiger since you know, it's the internet and if all you wanted were pictures of puppies you could find that fairly easily. Almost as easily as if all you wanted were photos of penises. But, this is also my party and I've never put too specific a theme on it because I wanted to be able to post whatever I want. Sometimes that's all about cooking or sometimes it's days of fashion or crafts or apartment decor. Other times it's a whole lot of photos of my pets.

This past weekend Tiger and I went over to Kevin's parents house for a visit. Tiger is learning clicker training and Bunnie, Kevin's mom, was in love with helping train him. Tiger was in love with all the treats. Don't worry though, he eats super healthy treats so what he thinks is something special is basically a dinner substitute.

Tiger is a tiny guy and I (or rather his vet) think the moving around and his vaccines lowered his immune system a bit. Apparently all dogs have natural mites that are always in their fur, the "good" kind. But if they have a lowered immune system those mites can become too many and the pup can get itchy which results is patchy fur. Which is what happened to Mister Jungle Cat himself. For the foreseeable future Tiger has to have three baths a week with this special shampoo and also take these giant vitamin E capsules every day. Luckily he loves the vitamins and bears with me on the bath thing. I decided to let him shower with me this most recent time since that seemed the easiest way to do things.

I love daycare and how much it wears him out. He gets so excited to see me and has a fit of affection when I pick him up that continues into the first few minutes in the car then he crashes. I have two of those beds, one for him and Javi to jam into in the house and one for car rides. Tiger always rides shotgun.

It's impossible to be sad around this guy.

I gave up on my no rawhide rule after the vet said it's actually okay as long as I watch him. I took extra precaution by getting the most difficult to tear apart ever form of this stuff.

Tiger and I had dinner with Tova and her husband last week. It's fair to say he wasn't lacking any attention. The dog that is...

This was at Kevin's parents' house too. Their giant backyard made me feel bad I don't have one for him. I'm thinking once my lease is up I maaaay try to find a house. In the city still because I love that. I pictured myself here for a long time because I love my home but I love Tiger more.

You may think he's going for the treats here but he would also like to eat the clicker. And everything else in the entire world. I really think he doesn't have taste buds because I don't have any other reasoning for his inclination to put every single thing in his mouth.

Tiny baby running dog with so much energy.

Apparently I never get tired of posting pictures/video of me in my bathtub/shower with my pets.

I love the park near my apartment but never used to go much before Tiger dog. Now we go and just read or play or have a snack or bring drinks. And everyone in the world wants to see him. I'm counting on Tiger to pick me up a boy and maybe some new friends too. Friends with cute pets.

Tiny baby puppy sleeping in the car. Again.

This picture cracks me up. Tiger isn't even that cute in it but I think it's hilarious. This is Tova's husband David who saaaays he doesn't like dogs near his face but a picture is worth a thousand words. And some of those words happen to be "You cannot resist this dog and putting him near your face."

This weekend we checked out some new toy stores for puppies and found this awesome heffalump looking thing. When you squeeze it it makes a really obnoxious noise and both it's tail and trunk pop out like noise makers. After I bought it we went to the park where he decided to play with a leaf instead.

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  1. I'm not certain what I'm jealous of more, that Tova got to have dinner with Tiger or that Tiger got to have dinner with Tova. Either way, totally awesome and stinking CUTE! :)