Friday, June 10, 2011

Well Baby Check Up

I'm totally becoming one of those people who thinks their dog is their child. Okay, not actually but I'm borderline. I even got all excited about our first trip to the vet together for a check up and shots. I don't think it's healthy to be this giddy and proud over a trip that involves sticking a thermometer up an animal's behind.

Tiger got the last of his DHPP shots, thank baby Jesus for that. Now we can finally play outside! And potty train! And go to daycare! He also got Bordetella and some other thing that keeps him from getting sick if he happens to be somewhere where rodents have peed.

I know. Owning a dog just keeps getting grosser and grosser.

He was a total champ though. Except when we were paying. There was a big giant Lassie dog there and they were sniffing around each other and Tiger got excited so he peed. Of course. And the big dog decided to mark his territory too. On top of Tiger's territory. So basically they made a giant puddle of combined urine.

He's a bit lethargic now and super cuddly. I may get him shots every day. Here are some proud parent photos from our morning.

Obviously everyone loved him. How could you not?

Everything needs to be smelled and explored.

Sleepy Babykins

Okay, true story. I went to this sort of upscale grocery store after our vet trip so I could grab something to bring to work for lunch. Tiger was sleeping and it's cold here today so I left him in the car while I ran in (trust me, he was in not even remote danger of dying). I decided to get him a treat since he was such a good brave guy so I picked up some round rawhide chews. After grabbing those I got some salmon and a pasta salad from the deli and a chai from the coffee counter. While I'm waiting for my drink this happened.
Coffee Guy: What are those? Some new kind of bagel?
Me: No, haha, they're dog treats.
Coffee Guy: What are you going to do with them? Play a prank on a co-worker or something?
Me: No...I have a dog.