Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back to Brunette

I once said I would never die my hair blonde again. And then I did. I've also done this with cutting my hair short and dying my hair from a box. Sometimes you just have to make the same mistake twice.

But I learned my lesson. I'm not a blonde girl. It's fun but fidning the right blonde is like a never ending quest and I just don't have time for the adventure. And I don't like having a stripe of roots down my head every month. It was impulsive but I decided to dye my hair back dark. I thought my hair guy was going to be grumpy since we just got it light but he was fine and started his thing. Miss Tova came with me and we were chatting the whole time and it wasn't until he started applying color that I noticed he was using two different colors, one on the under side and one on the top part. I trust him tons so I didn't really worry about it or ask too much. And when he was done I ended up with an awesome ombre effect. I love it.


  1. My favorite part of this photo shoot (other than cute hair) is Javi's paw in the last one. Like he didn't want to be in the photo, but he totally is anyway.

  2. He hates being in pictures. But he loves me. I was taking pictures in the bathroom because I can turn my phone around and see in the mirror what I'm taking a picture of, plus it's bright in there, and he decided he needed to be in the sink. Which means I recruited him for photos but he's too big to hold with one hand so I had to lean over and smoosh on him. And then he kept turning his head and I couldn't see what was in the frame...and we ended up with this.