Monday, May 2, 2011

Back, Back Again

Oh my goodness it's been a long time.

I've done a ton while taking my break from the internet. I painted pottery, went to the gorge, dyed Easter eggs, made new art, threw a party, got some awesome new kitchen stuff, wore pajamas out and about, watched too much Dexter, and took pictures of my cat. Obviously it's all too much to talk about at once so I'm going to go ahead and give you non-chronological bits and pieces.

I went to the gorge last weekend with Tova and some others for a picnic. I don't really know the real name of the place we went. Everyone just calls it the gorge and it was my first time there which everyone thought was super crazy. I had to hunt down Craig at his favorite coffee shop and kidnap him to come with because he wasn't answering his phone. He was all grumpy about it at first and insisted on doing his homework in the car but I am persuasive so he came with.

We stopped at this view point that was named Women's Forum which totally sounds like Lilith Fair in conference form to me but whatever. This family seriously took a photo at every single section of fence here. The mom kept taking pictures of two of the girls and telling them to "do a little kick" while demonstrating. Possibly my favorite part of the day.

This is the gorge.

Javi and I slept in yesterday. He's pretty much the best ever at snuggly weekend mornings. He's not a super snuggly guy but it's like he gets that on the weekends we're supposed to stay in bed late and be cozy.

This weekend we had a whole two days full of gorgeous sun. Of course today it's gone but I'm starting to really look forward to Spring. I love how in Portland just when you think you're about to go bonkers over the grey skies the weather comes through and gives you some much needed vitamin D.

To all those who won prizes from my giveaway, I mailed out your packages this weekend. I apologize for the late start but you should have your things soon!


  1. How can you tell this story without the snack pack?

  2. so glad to hear your back wow you sound uber busy:) oh aaaaaaaand I love the gorge:)

  3. We all need a break every now and then.. my blog has been on some breaks since last july. Not motivated I guess.

    Javi really reminds me of Misfit, my black cat. Who is also not snuggly but everynow and then turns into a snuggly purry kitty. :)

    Can't wait to hear more of your adventures :)