Saturday, May 21, 2011

Puppies! I love you!

So, I'm still ridiculously excited about the new pup. I also still don't have a name. I think the top two contenders are Cupcake and Peanut. I really liked Sparkle but then someone said they would call him Sparky and I hate that so that's out. I'm still looking for more ideas though so keep 'em coming.

Here are more pictures of him from the lovely Katie.

I'm also not going to dress him up with the possible exception of a raincoat in the winter so he's not a disgusting mess when we have to go on walks in the winter but I'm definitely going to create a little collection of collars for him. So far these are some of my favorites.


  1. Thing 1 said "I will call him Wee Wee". So there you go.
    I vote for Murphy or Holmes.

  2. Oh man, those pictures are impossibly cute. Of those two name choices, I like Peanut better. But my vote is still for Ferdinand!

  3. Johi, I considered naming him Weenie after the dog in Eloise which is pretty close to Wee Wee. One of the girls I used to nanny called me Nanny (well both do actually) and herself Eloise for a long time so it seemed cute but I think I would get tired of telling people my dog's name is Weenie.

    Grammargeek, I'm worried people are going to think I'm a total pretentious pet owner if I have a Javier and a Ferdinand. I'm actually leaning towards Tiger now. Thoughts?