Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shake Your Tail Feathers

I'm currently obsessed with feathers. I've always had a thing for peacock feathers but recently my love has grown to include all kinds of fowl. I can't get enough. In fact, today, I am wearing these. Shoes covered in feathers. Practical? No. Awesome? Absolutely.

Later this month I'm getting feathers put in my hair. Similar to the ones going on here...

To celebrate all this feather love I'm going to give away a pair of feather earrings. All you have to do is tell me the best ice cream flavor you've ever tasted. What do feathers and ice cream have to do with each other? Nothing, but I want to make ice cream and want ideas and since I'm the one running the show here the rules can be as arbitrary as I want. Next time whoever washes my dishes will win!

So, let's start today (May 3rd, 2011) and end Friday (May 6th, 2011). I'll announce the winner on Monday (May 9th, 2011). Remember, if you're going to play you might win and that means giving me your address so I can send you your prize. If for any reason you're uncomfortable with that it's probably best you sit this one out.

If you win, these will be your prize!

P.S. I really don't want a lecture about how people putting feathers in their hair is taking feathers from fly fisherman and blah, blah, blah. If I start putting bald eagle feathers in my hair you can sit me down and have a talk.


  1. how does Javi not murder your shoes? Those are ASKING for a foot pounce.

    The best Ice cream ever invented is actually not yet invented. I want to make "Halloween candy" ice cream and put tiny pieces of all the candy in there. Or all the good candy anyway.

    Also homemade blackberry with berries from your yard is pretty kick ass.

    But the secret to all of it is Vanilla bean paste.

  2. I'm a purist, I love me some vanilla ice cream. Of course, I love it even more when it's sitting on top of apple pie. Or a brownie. Or sandwiched between 2 warm chocolate chip cookies.

    Is wearing feathers really controversial? I mean, I would guess PETA members wouldn't wear them, but I had no idea it would be offensive to fishermen.

  3. Lolo, how long do the feather stay in your hair?
    And what happens when you wash it?
    Super curious!

    I recently had the LATE NIGHT SNACK from Ben&Jerry's - DELISH!
    It's vanilla ice-cream with potato chips covered in chocolate and caramel swirls. YUMM

    Back home they have crazy flavors - but mostly because we have a million tropical fruits that are not available world-wide. My fav: Sorbet de Achachairu.

    Chech (hope pulling the foreigner card scored me some feathers jiji)

  4. Living in Canada (which, at times can feel like a third world country - totally in a first world problem kind of way) we don't always get all the cool ice cream flavours. Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Tracks. It was amazing. I will not allow myself to buy anymore because I'll just wind up eating it all!

    You MUST post pictures of the feathers in your hair! How awesome :)

    PS - sorry if this posts twice, OpenID is being mean to me!

  5. Ok, the best flavor of icecream I've ever had is Guinness flavor. This local icecream place makes it, and, I swear, it tastes like beer!

  6. Christina, there are some people who are up in arms about the fact that the feathers people are using for their hair are the same ones that can be used for fly fishing. I guess the feather industry (I could hardly type that without thinking it was a joke) can't keep up with the demand from both the fishing and fashion industry. So some fishing people are upset.

    Doesn't that totally seem like an article you'd read on The Onion?

    Chech, the feathers are put in with a crimp bead toward your roots. As your hair grows they'll end up farther down but since they're usually tucked under some hair it shouldn't really matter. I talked to a girl at my salon who did them last summer and had them in for four months before she took them out but she said they would have been fine longer. They're fine to wash and dry, use a straightener on, curl, use product with, etc. I got a blow out from one of the guys at my salon who I don't normally see and he was telling me they're artificial but someone got all mad at me about the roosters so I'm not sure if they are or not. You can get them in the more natural colors, like what I'm doing, or fun bright colors.

  7. omg i will have to tell my sister about the hair feathers, she will just die!

    Same as Angela, we don't get alot of flavours here in Canada as you guys do, so Ben and Jerry's as well as Haagan Daaz is a big treat. I went to Oregon last April and finally tried the creme brulee flavour and WOW.
    However, my favorite flavour i have made was the fresh strawberries and cream ice cream.

  8. The best ice cream flavor I have ever tried was caramel and sea salt.... So yummy!!!