Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ice Pops!

Craig and I made six different kinds of popsicles last night. And that wasn't even all the ideas we had but then it was like 11pm and we were kind of tired and we'd used up most of the ice pop mold space so we stopped at six. The flavors we made were berry vanilla, Arnold Palmer, chocolate banana, peach mango, watermelon with blueberries, and watermelon grapefruit. Tell me you don't want to eat all of those.

Supplies. Except not even all of them. Because when I do something I do it big.

First layer of the Arnold Palmer can ignore the nine pints of ice cream in my freezer.

Our watermelon blueberry pops were made of pureed watermelon with some simple syrup. Once they froze a bit we pushed blueberries into them so the berries would stay suspended.

Javier was confused why we were in the kitchen if it wasn't to continually bring him fresh ice water.

Craig was confused by my juicer. Yeah, I don't know why either.

Second layer of the Arnold Palmer pops and some blueberries added to the watermelon popsicles.

I realize that looks like sawdust but it's actually a brick of chocolate I shaved with a Microplane. Added to bananas and milk.

Mango peach pops! We added honey as a sweetener. We also ended up adding some blood orange juice once blending sans liquid was obviously a mistake.

Our berry mix was so good. We used a bunch of frozen berries, vanilla yogurt, pomegranate cranberry juice, and some honey. Incredible.

We made two of each pop so we could each try them and decide what we liked best.

I made my boss' daughters some flower popsicles with fantastic "sticks" (actually straws) with the leftover mixes.



  1. So how do they taste?
    which one was your fav?
    - Chech (using another google acct)

  2. Hmm... I feel compelled to make some popsicles now!

    I've also been contemplating the ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid.