Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm too excited about this to be clever.

I was watching Glee last night, but I didn't finish it so don't ruin it for me by leaving me a comment saying "Oh my God! Wasn't it crazy how Sue got shot by Becky and then Artie and Santana got rid of the body by tossing it overboard before hooking up on a yacht they somehow managed to acquire in Ohio and then Quinn and Rachel saw them and became BFFs because they had to hide the secret from Britney and they only had each other to talk to it about?"

Obviously I've been watching too much Dexter.

Anyways, I started Glee and while Fondue for Two was awesome, this was even more so:

I'm not sure if many people really realized how amazing this was. A major company took a huge risk by centering their product ad entirely around the It Gets Better Project. And while that project is, in it's most basic sense, an anti-bullying campaign, it's headed by Dan Savage who is openly gay and really the target audience of the project is GLBT teens. And if that weren't enough, this ad wasn't running on Logo or Bravo at 2am during a repeat of The A-List, it was running on network television during prime time.

Can we just take a minute to realize how fucking incredible that is?

I think that most of us who are straight don't realize it but a lot of companies make two versions of their ads, one for straight people, and one that features gay men and women and that they take and hide on cable channels that research shows gay people watch where no one will be offended. For example...

To have a company risk the wrath of the homophobic, who can be a pretty intense bunch when they want to, and have this crazy ability to organize a boycott like nobody's business...well, it made my day.

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  1. I wish I could see the videos you posted, but I'm at work. And I wish I had seen them during the show like a regular person, but my DVR decided that it didn't need to record Glee this week (or House, for that matter).

    I did, however, get to watch the Born This Way episode of Glee and I love the message that they're putting out there with the Kurt storyline. And Santana wearing her Lebanese tshirt.