Thursday, May 26, 2011

This goes out to dirty dancing, cursing, back-masking, back-slitting pastor's kids.

Since the first time I heard the album Alopecia by the band Why? I have been obsessed. Sometimes I quit listening to it and then when I come back I just put it on repeat for weeks. Yoni Wolf is this short-ish Jewish guy who looks super nerdy but damn, the guy can spit some verse. I saw the band live once and they just aren't at all what you're expecting when you hear the music. Which is one of those fun little surprises I love, seeing what my mind comes up with as an image of an artist based on their work...and then being wrong.

Anyways, I've recently been all over this again and wanted to share. Warning, the music is weird, but in a totally awesome way. Their other albums are good too but this one is my favorite. Here are a few of my most loved tracks.

The Hollows

The Vowels Pt. 2

The Fall of Mr. Fifths

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